Helios XL Straps

Helios XL Straps

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Helios, Titan god of the sun, was light, strong and powerful - just like our Helios Suspension System.

The Helios XL has all the light and strong aspects of our original Helios Strap, crafted from super-strong Dyneema® line with a polyester blend tree sling but with 5 extra useable feet in length. The Helios XL sets up in a flash and provides superior adjustment with a bury splice. With 13 feet 5 inches the Helios XL has you covered in even the stickiest situations.

Note: Includes 2 straps (1 for each end of the hammock).


  • ENO's lightest suspension system
  • Microtune adjustable system
  • Super strong Dyneema fiber
  • No-knots-needed set up

Capacity: 136 kg

Dimensions: 4.08 m x 2.54 cm

Weight: 184 g

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